Carbs are not the enemy


We are always told that carbs are the devil. Don’t touch them with a ten foot pole they say. Here’s the thing, literally everything in life is okay in moderation. Balance is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Most fit people are successful because they bring this balance to every aspect of their life. Fitness, diet,nutrition, work life, social life, and romantic life. 

When it comes to carbs I have a very specific routine. I incorporate complex carbs into my diet regularly. Things like quinoa and farro actually promote weight loss by keeping you full and fueled longer. These are ancient grains packed with protein, fiber, potassium, and b-vitamins. Quinoa is also one of the only plant based foods that contains all nine essential amino acids. When I prep my meals for the week I always always always add a complex carb.

As for simple carbs (bread, pasta, pizza,) keep these food items to a minimum but ALWAYS remember to treat yourself. You have to fuel your soul with foods you love to maintain the balance.

Happy Monday foodies,


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