Fido has healing powers

It’s no secret that hugging your puppy butt makes you feel all warm and fuzzy and ready to burst into tears of joy and happiness. But along with your irrational obsession for your furry friend, he’s actually healing you both mentally and physically.

There is now a ton of data out there proving that pets are increasing your quality of life and improving your mental health.

Two researchers, one from Purdue University, and the other from The University of Pennsylvania actually measured what happens when people love on their pets. They found that blood pressure lowered, heart rate slowed, breathing became more regular, and muscle tension relaxed. All of these occurred between 5 and 24 minutes after interacting with the pet. That’s faster than many drugs take to kick in!

Next time your feeling stressed over your lame boss, annoying friend, world hunger, Donald trump, your chipped nail polish, or the mound of shit piling up from unavoidable laziness, do yourself a favor and hug your dog.



photo courtesy of my 14 month old Puggle puppy named Toby whoย I love more than life itself.


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