Go ahead girl


Woke up this morning after working a 12 hour shift yesterday feeling like I got hit by a dump truck. My puppy was cuddled as close to me as he could get and the covers felt like a layer of heaven. It was pitch black. My boyfriend must have hit snooze 9 times so by this time I was thinking it was at least 7 o’clock. Nope…5:45. Ugh. 

Somehow managed to slide out of bed and grab some coffee. The second that first sip hit my soul I thought to myself #NoExcuses

I got my leggings and tank on and marched my booty all the way to LA Fitness for my favorite day of the week.

If you want to achieve the results you desire you have to climb mountains, jump hurdles, push through fatigue, and kick some fricken assπŸ’ͺ🏻

This is one of two leg workouts I do a week. This is a slower style workout with heavier weights where I focus more on form and perfecting my technique.

I start out with a warm up. I grab a basketball and hit the court for 15 minutes and shoot around. I played basketball competitively for ten years so this warm up not only gets my blood flowing but soothes my soul and eases my stress.

After I warmed up I jumped right into it:

  1. Squats on bar 80 lbs 3 x10 
  2. Weighted step ups with 2 20lb dumbbells 
  3. Lunges on box with 2 20 lb dumbbells
  4. Leg press 320 lbs 4×10 
  5. Leg push downs on machine 85 lbs 3×10
  6. Deadlifts 50 lb bar 3×10
  7. Walking lunges 50 lb bar 3×10

Hope this motivates and inspires some of you beauties ! For more awesome workouts, beauty tips, makeup favs, and all the other craziness please follow my blog. Always appreciate comments and suggestions too.

Have a wonderful Wednesday


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