Hi everyone😍😍😍 I wanted to share with you my outfit, hair, and makeup from last night! I met my best friend out for dinner at our favorite Italian place and it was seriously so good. We had cosmos and some apps and of courseeee our favorite dessert. It was so so so good to see her and catch up and exchange gifts for the holidays 🌲☃️❄️ 

I decided I wanted to just throw on a sweater and a scarf with some black pants and booties. Nothing too fancy with the outfit. But I did put some effort into my hair and makeup look👌🏻👌🏻

Pants: Old Navy Pixies size 4 Long

Sweater: Primark size medium

Scarf: Christmas gift 🌲🌲🌲

Booties: Steve Madden

Jacket: Marc Jacobs

I also got the most fricken festive mani of alllllll time yesterday 😍😍😍 
the polish is called holiday cheer 

I decided I really really wanted to curl my hair and make super big beautiful curls with my Hot Tools 1.25 inch curling wand 

As for makeup I couldn’t get a great picture last night so I recreated this look today for work and yes…that’s an ugly sweater 😭😭😭 it was our holiday party and luncheon at work today so we all wore the ugliest sweaters of all time! Mine lit up🙈🙈🙈 

Key players on my makeup look:

L’Oréal Pro Matte Foundation

UD Naked Weightless Concealer

ABH Banana Setting Powder

Hoola Bronzer

Makeup Geek Blush

Wanderlust Lip Crayon in Shade Island Hop 

Ardell Lashes 106 

NYX Brow Gel in shade Brunette 

I am seriously so so excited for this weekend babies!! My Impressions Vanity Haul will be arriving tomorrow💕 Christmas with my family is going to be so wonderful and I can’t wait to give them all the gifts I picked out ! And my Violet Voss x Laura Lee Palette should be shipping next week. LIFE IS GOOD😍😍

Anyway I really hope you beautiful humans have a wonderful holiday with the ones you love and I can’t wait to share mine with you as the weekend goes on. I love you all and as always please comment down below and leave me some love💋💋💋

Gingerbread State Of Mind



-A holiday inspired note to my friends-


I truly believe from the bottom of my heart that everything we do in this life is mental. The secret to success and happiness is visualizing what you want and going after it full steam ahead.

I am of the thought that everything we do is 80% mental and 20% physical. This means we have to train our brain to perform and our body will follow suit.


Ever notice that if you want something bad enough, you get it ?

Ever met a thin person who claims they can eat whatever they want and not gain weight?

Ever known a person who is constantly trying new things and being successful at them?

Its a mindset.

Changing the way you think changes the way you live.
Putting positivity and gratitude into the world will allow you to receive it back.
Live with a grateful heart and dream your goals into reality.


Back to the gingerbread:

For those of us who push through long work days, tough workouts, have families, have time-consuming hobbies, or are just running around constantly- our souls need a reward.

Around the holidays stress starts to pile up, food intake increases rapidly, and a lot of the time we start to feel pretty bad about ourselves.


Change that.

Find excitement in shopping for others. Give back to those who may be in need. And for Christ sake eat those Christmas cookies you’ve been staring at for days !
I’ve found in my journey that I can put in the work, eat well, keep my nutrition on point, and still cheat without consequence.



Because I believe I can. I know it won’t hinder my goals. I know I will bounce back. I know how well I eat, how hard I push in the gym, and how much I deserve to feed my soul.

Try this in your daily life beauties. Turn a negative mindset into a positive one and watch your life flourish. Take charge of your destiny. Dream big. And never, ever, give up on the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.



Violet Voss x Laura Lee😍😍😍


OH MY GOD beauties !!! One of my absolute favorite babes in the whole world, Laura Lee, released a pre-sale today at 3pm on her palette that sold out a few months back. She teamed up with Violet Voss to create these absolutely STUNNING eyeshadows. Thank you jesus above I will finally get my hands on this gem. 

LOOK AT THOSE SHADES😍😭😭😭😭 the excitement is real right now people. I seriously feel like Christmas morning has come early. Not to mention the names of the eyeshadows are seriously so bomb …ugh my girl nailed it💪🏻
In addition to being absolutely beautiful I truly love that she made her palette infused with Jojoba Oil, and it’s cruelty free, vegan, and super pigmented. I. Love. Her. If you guys don’t watch her YouTube channel you seriously are missing out. She has so much life and seriously cracks me up in every single video. 

These swatches from the website look so pretty and I love that there is a healthy balance of matte and shimmer shades and a wide range of colors. I cannot wait to review this palette and do a makeup look with it for you guys! 

If you’re interested in hitting up the pre-sale while these palettes are still available head over to shopvioletvoss.com 

Palette priced at $45. 

Thank you all soooo much for reading and like I said before I cannot wait to share with you the gorgeous looks that I know I will achieve with this beautiful palette. I am already obsessed 💕💕💕 love you all and have a wonderful night babies


Impressions Are Everything 


Good morning and happy Sunday you beautiful humans !! I am so happy to be off from work and relaxing with my family at home. It’s icy and rainy and cold in Philadelphia today so you know what that means 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Slippers. Robe. Candles. Christmas music😍

Speaking of Christmas I am getting SO excited !! One more week to go🌲❄️☃️ I have so many amazing gifts that I can’t wait for my family and friends to open.  And these next items could be a perfect addition to your gifts AND they are on sale!! Anyway…thanks for stopping by as always. My blog has become such an awesome outlet for me to express myself and to read what you guys think about the topics that I am most interested in. It’s an opportunity to always be learning👌🏻

Today I want to share with you guys and gals something I am absolutely so excited to receive in the mail later this week. I’ve been seeing this brand and their products all over social media and I am SOO excited for it to arrive. Yesterday I ordered a bundle from Impressions Vanity Co. This is a legit bomb online only shop that provides makeup mirrors, lighting, tables, organizers, and basically everything a girl with a large and growing makeup collection will eventually need in her life ! They are soooo affordable and right now they are having a HUGE sale so get on over there and get your hands on some products that will change the game for you.

Lighting is so crucial in creating a bomb makeup look and we all know how frustrating it is when we think we did an amazing job and we look in the mirror in our car or at work and we’re like… 😳😳😳

I knew I definitely needed a makeup mirror because my IKEA one is literally hanging on by a thread right now. But I also was sooo interested in one of those selfie lights that attaches to your phone. So you already know your girl found the most perfect bundle on their website🔥🔥🔥 I ended up picking up these three items in a bundle on sale for $50 and it included free shipping anywhere in the US. The original value for these three items was $109 I believe so the sale was pretty on point. 

This first item is the Touch 2.0 Matte White Dimmable LED Make-up Mirror. Originally priced at $35. This is battery operated and totally portable. You can even dim the lights by pressing its touch sensor on the mirror. I absolutely love the look of this mirror…it is so sleek and clean and will look super pretty in my beauty room!!! 

Next up is the selfie light. Okay guys seriously whoever came up with this is a fuggin genius! I cannot wait to be able to show you guys my makeup looks without going out and spending hundreds of dollars on lighting. This is such a bomb idea and I cannot wait to see how it works. This product is called the GlowMe 2.0 USB Rechargeble LED Selfie Ring Light. Originally priced at $45. 

And last but not least they threw in this adorable matte white compact ! This will be a game changer for touching up makeup at work or on the go! I love this so much and I’m actually quite obsessed with the look of all these products as well. It has 8 LED lights built in to keep your lighting on point anywhere you go. This product also has dimming capabilities which is soo cool!  This item was originally priced at $12.99 

Okay beauties that’s all I got today but listen this sale is only going on for another SIX DAYS!!! If you are interested in any of these products I highly highly suggest getting your butt over to this online store and picking some up while the sales are going on. Nobody got time for full price items let’s be real !!!

As always babies please comment down below and let me know what you think and if you pick some products up please share your story and review with me !! Have a fabulous Sunday. Relax. Revive. Renew. Love you all 💕💕💕


Click the link below to check out all they have to offer !

Impressions Vanity Company

all the good good



Hi beauties ! Hope everyone had a wonderful Friday. I had some trouble getting back into the swing of things today but am grateful to be back home with my family and friends and I am ready to slay this weekend with blog fun! I have sooooo much stuff I want to share with you guys and I hope it might help some of you last minute shoppers get some ideas for your favorite babes or if you just want to buy it for yourself that’s fine too😭 I picked up a bunch of stuff from ulta and bath and body works and some random other stuff as well.


I seriously cannot wait to wrap these gifts and put them under the tree so my beautiful friends and family members can enjoy them. Oh and just a little disclaimer….some of this stuff I’m keeping! Can’t shop for Christmas presents on Black Friday and not buy anything for yourself 😐😭😭😭

This is a quick look at most of the stuff I picked up and I’ll go through one by one and tell you a little more about each.

This Ardell Lash Lookbook was such a bomb find! First of all I love Ardell lashes and because I’m not a huge falsies girl I am just fine with these lower end lashes. They last a while and are comfortable. I bought duo lash glue as always to go with them. Ugh I can’t wait to throw on some of these babies for the holidays ! Price: $32

Next is a tinted brow gel from one of my absolute favorite drug store brands. NYX makes great products and they are so so so affordable. This is in the shade 03 Brunette. I have very dark eye brows but usually get a brow tint 1 or 2 shades lighter than mine as to not overdo it. I love this stuff. It glides on smooth and last all day and doesn’t flake or move around on the face what so ever. Price: $6.99

Okay guys this next stuff is absolute fire. I am such a huge fan of this brand and I am telling you it is such awesome dry shampoo. I love this stuff when I shower at night and wake up in the morning and my hair needs a pick me up, or when I haven’t washed it in a few days and it needs a spruce. I also use dry shampoo before I throw curls in my hair to give it some volume. Price: $5.99

These next products are from Ulta on the left and B&BW on the right. Bali Blossoms is an unbelievably delicious scent called tropical hibiscus.  This will go to my bestie who will absolutely love love love it! The next lotion is from Ultas Holiday collection and the scent is Jasmine Sandalwood. Yasssss Jesus. Idk who this is going too but it may just stay in my lotion collection because honey this is bomb af. The next spray is a bath and body works spray in the scent Magic in the Air and it smells amazing. This is going to my sissy poo💕 lastly you babies better already know!!! You know I’m absolutely obsessed with Marshmallow Fireside and this is going to my girl at work who will soon be just as obsessed😭

Bali blossoms on sale price $4.99

Holiday Cashmere Body Lotion $9.50

Bath & Body Works Magic in the Air Spray $14.00

Bath & Body Works Medium Size Marshmallow Fireside Candle $12.50

LOOK AT THESE CARDS PEOPLE😍😍😍😍 okay so you guys already know that my dog is life and now I can send him to everyone else I love. I got these custom made on cafepress.com and they were so reasonable! Check this website out for custom gifts !

Price for 20 pack: $24.99

Another bangin candle from B&BW💕 such love. I cannot live without amazing bomb candles in my life 😍

Price $22.50

Ahhhh you guys this curling wand is so dope! I’ve been searching for a nice reasonable 1.25 inch curling wand so I can make beautiful Jaclyn hill style curls in my hair and I finally found it. This brand is super awesome and I honestly can’t say enough about this wand right here. Get your hands on one for big beautiful curls !

Sale Price: $24.99

Regular Price: $49.99

These next two gift sets were such an awesome find! I know exactly who they are going too and honestly anyone can appreciate products from Tarte and Philosophy and if they don’t then honey you just need to school their asses 💄💄💄💄💄

Unfortunately, these babies are no longer available but Ulta.com has other Philosophy and Tarte Gift Sets that look amazing!!

Babes….this tote is ROSE GOLD and PURPLE like it literally dropped out of the sky and into my shopping cart. Ughhhh I’m going to fill this with so many goodies and give it to one of my babies. Use this to give gifts in instead of a stocking or a Christmas bag! Such a cute idea 💕

Okay guys last but certainly not least are some Mac products. Everyone needs a little Fix+ in there lives. Use this to spray on your face before foundation for a dewy look, or spray after you’re finished to set your makeup on place, or Spray this on an eye shadow brush before using shimmers for your eye shadow to pop on your eye. There is literally so much you can do with this miracle spray. And then guys come on, Lipglass? Can we think of a more beautiful gloss for your bestie? Um no we can’t. Not at all. 😘 and it comes in a bunch of absolutely gorg shades. Get. On. It.

Mac Fix+ $23.00

Mac Lipglass $16.00

That is all I have for you tonight baby babiessss. I hope some of these ideas are helpful to you and will maybe make holiday shopping this year a litttttle bit easier. My eyes are literally closing but I am going to add prices and other details to this tomorrow. As always thank you so much for reading and please comment down below and let me know what you think!!💕💕


Christmas Wishlist Beauties💕



Hi babies! I am seriously so excited for the holidays this year. I have so much love in my heart lately. Every time I hear a Christmas song or see decorations or a package comes to my house that I can’t wait to give to someone I literally get this warm and fuzzy feeling all through my body. I love lighting my candles and putting my fuzzy bathrobe on and slippers and putting on Mariah Carey’s Christmas album and pouring some red wine and cuddling with my dog. Like what is better than that!? Nothing. Nothing at all is better than that😭


So today I will be sharing with you lovies a few things that I’m hoping for this Christmas!! I hope this is helpful for you guys if you need ideas for girls in your family or your besties.


  1. Makeup Geek Manny MUA Eyeshadow Palette: okay first of all I thought I ordered this last week and it turns out I didn’t!!! So I really really hope I get this under the tree this year. Manny is literally so fire. His makeup is on.fuggin.point. He is such a beautiful person and has such a gorgeous ass face holy moley. These shades are slaying my life right now. 💕💕    from left to right: Artemis, Beaches &a Cream, Luna, Cosmopolitan, Sora, Frappe, Insomnia, Mars, Aphrodite         Priced at: $45
  2. Ralph Lauren Tender Romance: this scent is LIFE. I got a sample of this from a Sephora haul and oh my good god. I got so many compliments on this perfume too. I am obsessed and there is no going back now. I highly highly recommend checking this out😻 Priced at: $76 
  3. Victoria Secret Leggings: these are the best ever. So comfortable and last forever. I can work out in these or just hang around in them. So versatile and fit so well 👌🏻 Priced at: $45.95
  4. Bath And Body Works Candles: you beauties already know!! Marshmallow Fireside will always be my ish💕💕💕💕Priced at: $22.50 
  5. Wendell August Monogrammed Necklace: okay guys I love this brand so much. There used to be a retail store near me but now it’s only online. Their jewelry is so beautiful, affordable, and this piece here is actually made from left over giftware assortments. They transform these pieces and reinvent them into something even more beautiful. I love that ! I’m going to have this monogrammed with my full name Rosalie in cursive writing. Cannot wait to see this and wear it all the time💕💕💕Priced at: $40

Okay beauties that’s all for now! I hope you found this post helpful and inspiring. I cannot wait to give all the gifts that I bought for the ones I love this year and I also can’t wait to receive a few of these items 🙈😊✨ have a wonderful weekend you beautiful souls and the next post you see my booty will be on the beach in Mexico. ADIOS BONITAS ☀️🌮🍹🌴💋


feels like you’re questioning me


Hello there beauties,


Love finding these tags that I can take time out of my work day to do!!! Don’t tell my boss. Feel free to keep these going and I hope you guys enjoy my answers and have fun doing this yourself.


  1. Things you cannot live without? peanut butter, hummus, too faced chocolate soleil matte bronzer, circuit training, my famiy, and my columbia rain jacket.
  2. Favorite makeup brand? ugh thats hard, as far as high end probably too faced, or ABH, like i said too faced bronzer is a ride or die, and i love ABH contour kit, brow wiz, and eye shadows. as far as drug store is concerned probably either Loreal, or Maybelline. I love NYX too. AHHHH too hard.
  3. Favorite flowers? Rose, hands down.
  4. Favorite clothing stores? ummm, Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, Loft, Missguided, Target, Zara, Urban, Victoria Secret, H&M, Charlotte Russe. I could go on and on but you get the drift.
  5. Favorite Perfume? Ralph Lauren Tender Romance. BOMBBBBB
  6. Heels or flats? flats. I’m 6 foot, sooo I only whip the heels out on very special occasions.
  7. Do you get good grades? For the most part, I would say I was a B student.
  8. Favorite color? thats hard. as far as just a color is concerned it’s probably purple. But favorite color to wear is any type of browns, grays, purples, darker greens, or navy. .
  9. Do you drink energy drinks? No never.
  10. Do you drink juice? not like orange or apple juice but i will make raw juice occasionally in my juicer and that i love.
  11. Do you like swimming? of course! I used to swim laps for exercise but now i mostly just like jumping in a pool on vacation or the ocean, the ocean is my favorite.
  12. Do you eat chips with a fork? what kind of question is that? lol
  13. What’s your favorite moisturizer? This is so basic but i swear by Jergens Ultra Healing in the winter. My favorite face moisturizer is Arbonne Day Cream.
  14. Do you want to be married in the future? absolutely. I cant wait for my boyfriend to put a ring on it. We’ve talked about it but I am not in any major rush, really.
  15. Do you get mad easily? I have a pretty big tolerance for nonsense but once you cross that line i can get irritated and on rare occasions mad. But for the most party i am very easy going and positive.
  16. Are you into ghost hunting? what? no haha but i do love scary movies and halloween is probably top 3 favorite days of the year
  17. Any phobias? scared to death of getting blood drawn. no. no. no. no. no.
  18. Do you bite your nails? i used too when i was younger. now i get gel manis so theres no way in hell im biting that off!
  19. Have you ever had a near death experience? not that I can remember. I was hiking in Romania last year and we were crossing snow on a very steep drop off, if I would have slipped I would have def died on the spot. SCARY AF. but i think i secretly love that kinda stuff
  20. Do you drink coffee? all damn day. I am caffeinated like a mf


Thank you guys so much for reading, and I hope you enjoyed my answers!!! Comment down below and please keep this question tag moving so other blog babes can enjoy it.