Show Your Hair And Skin Some Love 


Hi everyone !!!! Omgosh I am so happy to be posting and sharing with you my winter hair and  skin care routine❄️💕☃️ I took a break from social media over the holiday so I could fully enjoy my time with my family but i am so excited to be writing and sharing with you beauties again. 

Winter time can be super rough on our skin and hair. The cold weather tends to dry us out and is definitely not a fun time ! Here are some products that I’ve been loving and have been saving me from the harsh winter vibezzzzz.

I started off cleansing my face with the Philosophy Purity One Step Facial Cleanser. I absolutely love this product guys ! It washes away makeup, cleans out pores, and conditions the skin. I would highly highly recommend this if you are in need of a new cleanser💕

Next up I used some of my exfoliating scrub that was given to me ! This has all kinds of amazing essential oils and natural oils in it and just really cleans out my pores and scrubs away any left over makeup or dirt on my skin. You can find these products on Etsy or go to Lush and grab some ingredients to make them yourself !

After the scrub I decided to apply my new Philosophy Purity Facial Mask. This is a deep cleaning mask that uses sea salt to naturally purify and detoxify the skin. It says on the bottle that marine extracts and vitamin E help skin feel soft and smooth. I can say I truly loved this product and it really made my skin look amazing and feel super hydrated and soft.


Next up I wanted to do a sheet mask ! I haven’t done one in so long and since it’s my day off and I am trying to relax I thought why not. This one is the Too Cool For School Egg Cream Mask. I absolutely LOVE this sheet mask guys and it’s seriously so affordable. Collagen and Egg Yolk Extract are supposed to firm up your skin and leave it super hydrated. Obsessssed. Thank you again Jaclyn Hill for the inspo on this one👌🏻

After I was done cleansing and exfoliating I reached for my Philosophy Renewed Hope In a Jar refreshing and refining moisturizer. I put this all over my face and then added a touch of Marula Oil to really hydrate and smooth my skin. 

I cannot tell you how much my face loves me right now. I feel so clean and smooth and hydrated it’s not even funny. This is seriously the best time of the year to hone in and really really take care of your skin. A few other products I used today on my skin and hair are below as well!

I’ve talked about Project Beauty HairGurt before and I will say it again….this product slayssssss. It smells like a strawberry banana smoothie from the islands and leaves my hair looking unbelievably healthy and beautiful. It’s made with probiotics and super foods like quinoa to leave your hair hydrated and rich and amazing. Check. This. Out.

Last but not least is a new lotion I picked up recently that I cannot live without right now ! This is an Ulta Beauty body lotion and let me tell you it is perfection. It’s made with Vitamin E and Shea butter so the formula is super thick and creamy and hydrates the crap out of my skin without leaving it oily. These lotions are super affordable and come in all kinds of amazing scents. Ulta love forever 💕

That’s all I got for you babes tonight but I am back and I cannotttttt wait to post more throughout the week. I have a Sephora haul coming up that I am so excited to share so stay tuned and as always I hope this gave you some skin and hair inspo !! Love you all very much and I hope you have a fabulous night 




Hi everyone😍😍😍 I wanted to share with you my outfit, hair, and makeup from last night! I met my best friend out for dinner at our favorite Italian place and it was seriously so good. We had cosmos and some apps and of courseeee our favorite dessert. It was so so so good to see her and catch up and exchange gifts for the holidays 🌲☃️❄️ 

I decided I wanted to just throw on a sweater and a scarf with some black pants and booties. Nothing too fancy with the outfit. But I did put some effort into my hair and makeup look👌🏻👌🏻

Pants: Old Navy Pixies size 4 Long

Sweater: Primark size medium

Scarf: Christmas gift 🌲🌲🌲

Booties: Steve Madden

Jacket: Marc Jacobs

I also got the most fricken festive mani of alllllll time yesterday 😍😍😍 
the polish is called holiday cheer 

I decided I really really wanted to curl my hair and make super big beautiful curls with my Hot Tools 1.25 inch curling wand 

As for makeup I couldn’t get a great picture last night so I recreated this look today for work and yes…that’s an ugly sweater 😭😭😭 it was our holiday party and luncheon at work today so we all wore the ugliest sweaters of all time! Mine lit up🙈🙈🙈 

Key players on my makeup look:

L’Oréal Pro Matte Foundation

UD Naked Weightless Concealer

ABH Banana Setting Powder

Hoola Bronzer

Makeup Geek Blush

Wanderlust Lip Crayon in Shade Island Hop 

Ardell Lashes 106 

NYX Brow Gel in shade Brunette 

I am seriously so so excited for this weekend babies!! My Impressions Vanity Haul will be arriving tomorrow💕 Christmas with my family is going to be so wonderful and I can’t wait to give them all the gifts I picked out ! And my Violet Voss x Laura Lee Palette should be shipping next week. LIFE IS GOOD😍😍

Anyway I really hope you beautiful humans have a wonderful holiday with the ones you love and I can’t wait to share mine with you as the weekend goes on. I love you all and as always please comment down below and leave me some love💋💋💋

Hello There Beautiful


Hi babies!!! I am absolutely loving my morning  and being able to catch up with things I’ve wanted to blog about all week! It’s so nice to have some down time to myself to drink coffee and write and zone out💕

Today I will be talking about some products I’ve picked up recently. These have come from purchases, beauty subscriptions, and DIY products that have been given to me as gifts. I cannot wait to share with you what awesome products I have so if you are interested in seeing them then please keep reading😘😘😘

As you can see I have an array of different products from skin care to powder to oils and even some foiled eye shadows. This is definitely a well rounded bunch of products that could truly work for anybody. 

The first product I want to talk about is one of my absolute favorites. I received this in my December BoxyCharm box and am absolutely in love with it. This is a Beauty For Real Lip Revival Scrub and it has literally saved my lips since I first tried it! I use it to exfoliate my lips either in the morning or before bed and it leaves my lips smooth and soft and gets all the dead skin off while holding in moisture so they don’t dry out. It has a citrus smell to it that is literally heaven in a jar and I cannot say enough about this product! It is definitely affordable as well…it is priced on their website for $14 and they are also currently offering free shipping. 

To follow up the lip scrub I have been obsessed with the Hanalei Lip Treatment. First of all, not only is the product amazing but I truly love what this brand is about. They are based in Hawaii and use all local oils and botanicals extracted from the islands. How cool is that ? They are also cruelty, paraben, sulfate, and phthalate free. The second I put this on I could tell this Lip treatment was made from very quality ingredients. It contains kikui oil, agave and grape seed oil, and shea butter. It was so smooth and creamy and delicious and really really hydrated my lips and got them ready for my lip color. I tend to use this product more at night to let it really soak in while I sleep. This product is priced on their website at $20. 

Next up I want to mention the new Tarte Maracuja Oil. This is one of the best oils for my skin I ever have tried in my life. I struggle with oils because I have combination skin and a lot of oils leave me feeling heavy and greasy. This oil is so light weight and doesn’t leave a greasy feel at all. Maracuja oil itself is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin C which helps firm the face and leaves it smooth and bright. I would highly recommend trying this product and using a few drops of it on your face before bed time! Priced at $48

Next up I must talk about these bomb  BH Cosmetics foil eye shadows !!!! Oh my god guys seriously these are so amazing. For being a compact palette with only six shades they are seriously so beautiful and pigmented. I do highly suggest spraying your brush with MAC Fix+ or another high quality setting spray before going in with this product so it will really really pop on your eye. I do wish that this palette gave names to the eye shadows so I could list them for you but I did swatch them in crappy light (sorry) so you can get a feel for how they look on my skin! Unfortunately, this palette is not available on their website but you can purchase the full 28 shade foil eyes palette for $12 

Moving on to a brand that I love soooo very much and will rave about until the day I die…Josie Maran. I  absolutely LOVE everything about her and her Cosmetics. They use 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil as their main ingredient in their products. Her goal was to provide women with  products that are luxurious but also conscious. They use only Fair Trade Argan Oil that is harvested by co ops of Moroccan women that make a living wage. She is not only providing us with amazing products, but providing women across the world with jobs and security for their families. Ugh😍😍😍 I want to talk about two of her products I picked up. First being the  Argan Enlightenment Illuminizing Powder. I am a huge fan of this. When I first bought it I thought it was going to be a highlight. Which it is but it’s very subtle and doesn’t leave my skin looking like it has a ton of texture like other highlights tend to do. It’s a beautiful almost rose gold champagne shade and looks beautiful on my skin. If you are looking for a more subtle mature highlight I would definitely recommend this product. Priced at $30 

Next is her Argan Color Stick in shade Dreamy Pink. Guys this is so beautiful and creamy and blends out so nicely if you are looking for a cream blush. The Argan Oil obviously leaves the skin hydrated and beautiful. You can also use this as a lip product! The shade is absolutely gorgeous and could be worn honestly all year round. Love😍 This product is priced at $22

And last but certainly not least I have a couple of amazing products that were given to me. These are items you could make yourself or most likely find an awesome dupe at Lush or another organic essential oil type brand. Both of these products leave my face unbelievably hydrated and soft. The scrub cleans my pores and removes dirt and dead skin but isn’t harsh because the essential oils heal and hydrate. And the anti aging oil is an absolute dream. I use this before bed to let it set in my skin overnight. 

Ingredients used in Scrub: cane sugar, coconut oil, rice flour, colloidal oat flour, lemon oil, sweet orange oil, lavender, rosemary, pomegranate oil

Ingredients used in Anti Aging Oil: sweet almond, jojoba, vitamin E, frankincense, geranium, lemon, lavender, pomegranate oil 

Okay babes that’s all I have for you from the last week!!! I hope you enjoyed my list and it gave you some inspo to try new brands or make some amazing products yourself. Have a wonderful Sunday beauty queens and I cannot wait to hear what you have to say about the products I mentioned. 


who would think the route we chose would ever be this scenic


Hey hey everyone. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!!

Yesterday my boyfriend and I landed in Cancun for a few days and it is absolutely beautiful. It’s been nothing but sunshine, mimosas, frozen drinks, pool, and tanning👌🏻

One thing that I truly truly love with all my heart is traveling. I think it’s so fun to meet new people, see new amazing places, explore, eat food I’ve never had, and just enjoy the world. So far in this glorious 24 years of existence ive been to Mexico twice now, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, all over the US, Portugal, Germany, Amsterdam, Tanzania, Kenya, Zanzibar, Romania, and Bulgaria. Every different place I’ve traveled to has taught me something new and helped me see the world through a different lens and I think that’s so important. You have to be well rounded and worldly this day in age. Anyway, I want to share with you beauts some pictures from the last couple days and I hope to hear from you about your favorite travels and stories of cool new places and cultures you’ve experienced in your life.

As always I hope you beauties have a wonderful Monday and please comment down below and let me know what you thought and show me all the pics of your amazing memories💕💕💕


Christmas Wishlist Beauties💕



Hi babies! I am seriously so excited for the holidays this year. I have so much love in my heart lately. Every time I hear a Christmas song or see decorations or a package comes to my house that I can’t wait to give to someone I literally get this warm and fuzzy feeling all through my body. I love lighting my candles and putting my fuzzy bathrobe on and slippers and putting on Mariah Carey’s Christmas album and pouring some red wine and cuddling with my dog. Like what is better than that!? Nothing. Nothing at all is better than that😭


So today I will be sharing with you lovies a few things that I’m hoping for this Christmas!! I hope this is helpful for you guys if you need ideas for girls in your family or your besties.


  1. Makeup Geek Manny MUA Eyeshadow Palette: okay first of all I thought I ordered this last week and it turns out I didn’t!!! So I really really hope I get this under the tree this year. Manny is literally so fire. His makeup is on.fuggin.point. He is such a beautiful person and has such a gorgeous ass face holy moley. These shades are slaying my life right now. 💕💕    from left to right: Artemis, Beaches &a Cream, Luna, Cosmopolitan, Sora, Frappe, Insomnia, Mars, Aphrodite         Priced at: $45
  2. Ralph Lauren Tender Romance: this scent is LIFE. I got a sample of this from a Sephora haul and oh my good god. I got so many compliments on this perfume too. I am obsessed and there is no going back now. I highly highly recommend checking this out😻 Priced at: $76 
  3. Victoria Secret Leggings: these are the best ever. So comfortable and last forever. I can work out in these or just hang around in them. So versatile and fit so well 👌🏻 Priced at: $45.95
  4. Bath And Body Works Candles: you beauties already know!! Marshmallow Fireside will always be my ish💕💕💕💕Priced at: $22.50 
  5. Wendell August Monogrammed Necklace: okay guys I love this brand so much. There used to be a retail store near me but now it’s only online. Their jewelry is so beautiful, affordable, and this piece here is actually made from left over giftware assortments. They transform these pieces and reinvent them into something even more beautiful. I love that ! I’m going to have this monogrammed with my full name Rosalie in cursive writing. Cannot wait to see this and wear it all the time💕💕💕Priced at: $40

Okay beauties that’s all for now! I hope you found this post helpful and inspiring. I cannot wait to give all the gifts that I bought for the ones I love this year and I also can’t wait to receive a few of these items 🙈😊✨ have a wonderful weekend you beautiful souls and the next post you see my booty will be on the beach in Mexico. ADIOS BONITAS ☀️🌮🍹🌴💋


feels like you’re questioning me


Hello there beauties,


Love finding these tags that I can take time out of my work day to do!!! Don’t tell my boss. Feel free to keep these going and I hope you guys enjoy my answers and have fun doing this yourself.


  1. Things you cannot live without? peanut butter, hummus, too faced chocolate soleil matte bronzer, circuit training, my famiy, and my columbia rain jacket.
  2. Favorite makeup brand? ugh thats hard, as far as high end probably too faced, or ABH, like i said too faced bronzer is a ride or die, and i love ABH contour kit, brow wiz, and eye shadows. as far as drug store is concerned probably either Loreal, or Maybelline. I love NYX too. AHHHH too hard.
  3. Favorite flowers? Rose, hands down.
  4. Favorite clothing stores? ummm, Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, Loft, Missguided, Target, Zara, Urban, Victoria Secret, H&M, Charlotte Russe. I could go on and on but you get the drift.
  5. Favorite Perfume? Ralph Lauren Tender Romance. BOMBBBBB
  6. Heels or flats? flats. I’m 6 foot, sooo I only whip the heels out on very special occasions.
  7. Do you get good grades? For the most part, I would say I was a B student.
  8. Favorite color? thats hard. as far as just a color is concerned it’s probably purple. But favorite color to wear is any type of browns, grays, purples, darker greens, or navy. .
  9. Do you drink energy drinks? No never.
  10. Do you drink juice? not like orange or apple juice but i will make raw juice occasionally in my juicer and that i love.
  11. Do you like swimming? of course! I used to swim laps for exercise but now i mostly just like jumping in a pool on vacation or the ocean, the ocean is my favorite.
  12. Do you eat chips with a fork? what kind of question is that? lol
  13. What’s your favorite moisturizer? This is so basic but i swear by Jergens Ultra Healing in the winter. My favorite face moisturizer is Arbonne Day Cream.
  14. Do you want to be married in the future? absolutely. I cant wait for my boyfriend to put a ring on it. We’ve talked about it but I am not in any major rush, really.
  15. Do you get mad easily? I have a pretty big tolerance for nonsense but once you cross that line i can get irritated and on rare occasions mad. But for the most party i am very easy going and positive.
  16. Are you into ghost hunting? what? no haha but i do love scary movies and halloween is probably top 3 favorite days of the year
  17. Any phobias? scared to death of getting blood drawn. no. no. no. no. no.
  18. Do you bite your nails? i used too when i was younger. now i get gel manis so theres no way in hell im biting that off!
  19. Have you ever had a near death experience? not that I can remember. I was hiking in Romania last year and we were crossing snow on a very steep drop off, if I would have slipped I would have def died on the spot. SCARY AF. but i think i secretly love that kinda stuff
  20. Do you drink coffee? all damn day. I am caffeinated like a mf


Thank you guys so much for reading, and I hope you enjoyed my answers!!! Comment down below and please keep this question tag moving so other blog babes can enjoy it.



the beautiful ones are always flawed




Today I wanted to do a post that has inspired me since the first time I saw it. I love the power of beauty posts and how they truly show the incredible power of makeup, hair, and fashion. I am a true believer that beauty comes from within. I think it’s your heart and soul that truly defines you, not a bomb lip color or beautiful bronzer. I can always see someone’s inner beauty shining through their foundation. Whenever I see these posts, instead of gushing over the gorgeous makeup look, I often times find myself staring at the persons glowing blank canvas. Being confident and beautiful with or without. It’s truly inspiring and I can’t wait to share my photos with you all. Please remember to love everyone equally whether they love creating bomb makeup looks or they think their face is the best ever without anything on it at all. It is what’s inside that defines us.

This is me. Natural. Fresh. Bare bones. Real.

One of the best moments of my day is when I wake up and my boyfriend tells me I’m beautiful. With no makeup and no coverage. When I was younger it was hard for me to embrace my natural look. I found myself obsessing over every blemish and texture on my skin. As I got older I realized that life is so much deeper than makeup. Loving yourself is the most important and you can’t love anyone else until you truly truly love yourself. I look in the mirror and smile every day now knowing that I’m finally comfortable in my own skin.

While I will always love myself with nothing on at all, this is me honestly like 90 percent of my life. Make up makes me feel at home. I love the feeling of putting together an amazing look and sharing it with everyone in my life. I think of it as a hobby and a love and an art. This is how I express myself and that is something I love so very much. The highlight of my fricken week is watching a new Jaclyn hill make up tutorial or seeing what new products Carli Bybel is using in her life. It’s amazing to follow my beauty babes blogs and see what they are raving about! I love checking out what’s new at sephora and ulta and always buying some fire products when I hit the drug store. It is an obsession and a lifestyle that keeps me inspired and feeling undeniably beautiful inside and out.
Below are some of the products I used to achieve this look today:

  1. Becca Cosmetics x Jaclyn Hill dual pan highlight and blush shades champagne pop/ flower child
  2. BellaPierre Banana Setting Powder
  3. L’Oréal True Match Super Blendable Makeup Foundation in shade natural buff
  4. NYX Wonder Stick -cream highlight and contour
  5. Dior Addict It-Lash
  6. NYX powder blush
  7. Too Faced Hangover Primer
  8. Hikari Coal Liner
  9. INSPR lip liner in shade blush
  10. Tarte Lippie Lingerie in shade pure
  11. Meet Matt(e) Trimony eye shadow palette by The Balm
  12. Luxie Brushes- large blender, flat top kabuki


Thank you guys so much for reading. I really hope this inspires you to embrace both your natural look and your glam look. Have a lovely day beauties and as always please leave a comment down below and let me know what you think!